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THE 4E NETWORK is a 501 (c) (3) organization formed to assist
wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. 
Soldiers, returning to the family home, often have numerous adjustments to make, as does the family. 
It is, therefore, important for the soldier, the spouse, and the child(ren), and oftentimes parents,
to have support programs available to them, both individually and as a family unit.

Many wounded soldiers and their families show amazing strength in overcoming or dealing with some of the hardships with which they are faced. The outpouring of support by various
veterans’ groups, religious and civic organizations, as well as corporate, private, and
governmental agencies has been especially high.

THE 4E NETWORK wishes to add its assistance through its Mission, which is to
help reintegrate the wounded soldier back into family and social life through fun events
and activities and to help the wounded soldier and/or qualified family member reach
certain attainable goals.

What are the 4E's? 

ENABLEBring the wounded soldier as close as possible to his/her normal function.
Although THE 4E NETWORK does not handle medical, we can assist the wounded
with recovery through the 4E concept.

ENCOURAGE Encouragement can be verbal, with the use of words such as
“great job”, “fantastic work”, “just one more step”. Encouragement may also be
fostered through participation in activities which encourage a person to not only challenge
others, but challenge one’s self as well. Most any reward as a response to effort can
be viewed as encouragement to do better and go further.

ENGAGELife is filled with numerous ways to expend energy. When one learns
to focus and channel that energy in ways that are positive and engaging, the rewards
can be substantial. Learning to swim, or to play an instrument, taking on a new hobby,
furthering one’s education, acquiring a new skill, participating in social events, are some of the ways one can
continue to be engaged mentally, emotionally, and physically. Engagement offers the
power of hope.

EMPOWERThe above three E’s are important steps in acquiring the fourth E – Empowerment.